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– Unity in feelings –

Unique exhibition, signed by Izabela Măndoiu, in Bucharest Mall-Vitan

Do we still know how to feel Romanian today?

We live in interesting times: we wake up with Alexa, we often talk to our friend Siri, Tik Tok is the magnet of fun. Netflix brings evening relaxation. We live obsessed with concepts, in a frenzy of excitement, convinced that innovation makes our lives easier. But it seems that sometimes we forget to truly live in real life and, above all, we forget to feel Romanian.

But in the middle of this rush through life, take 1 minute and tell us: what do you see in this picture?

Short vest made of traditional handmade fabric and natural sheep fur.

Our grandparents and parents know what it means to work the land. They will see toil, the fruitful field, but above all the talent to plant beauty, even from field straw.

Educated youth will see a Dadaist initiative. Some will consider it an abstract exhibition, with clothes that were worn in the country, which do not have any particular significance and are no longer an anchor of today's reality.

Everything has a substitute and always the new, the original, the extraordinary grabs attention, benefiting from a short period of fame.

In all this accumulation of experiences, we realize that we are different and develop in ever-changing social contexts. What was a novelty 20 years ago is now obsolete. What is innovative today becomes outdated in just a few months.

However, București Mall-Vitan and designer Izabela Măndoiu stubbornly celebrate authentic traditions, with value and pride, on every special occasion, and not only.

" In a time when we need certainties, we must always look back, to Roots . It is essential not to forget that we are a people of fighters, for whom justice, honor and work have always been defining elements. Every hard period was overcome by unit and now, more than ever, we must remember what unites us.

The DNA of the brand I've been working on for over 8 years consists of stories woven with values. Over time, I have met so many types of people, all united by something natural: roots. From these roots, we grew with simplicity, naturalness, love and they were all our foundation to open any path in life. It's so simple: regardless of horizons, we are united by traditions, love for beauty, love for the homeland and, above all, longing... which always brings us to the parental hearth " (Izabela Măndoiu)

About the "Unity in Feelings" Exhibition

In the past, holiday gatherings were held in the village, where everyone came dressed in wonderful costumes. The place where the pomina hore was heated. In the urban space, the context has changed and we are looking for those places that bring us together. Spaces designed to nurture the longing for the authentic, village art and, above all, the patriotic spirit.

Bucharest Mall-Vitan continues to be the magical urban setting, which keeps Romanian traditions in a place of honor. Together with Izabela Măndoiu, he offers those who cross his threshold a drop of authentic inspiration, through the unique exhibition, " Unity in Feelings " . The exhibition can be discovered and admired on the 1st floor, in the atrium area, until December 15.

" Each initiative in collaboration with Bucharest Mall was a real creative challenge, for which we thoroughly prepared. And this time I wanted to bring a simple message, transposed through all the effort to cover an impact piece - that is, skirts made of field straw. Every man is essentially simple and alone cannot build anything. But I think that united, more ordinary people doing extraordinary things with historic impact. I think this was also the thinking under which the Great Union took place. I think it is also the solution to get through this difficult period more easily. We must be united in feelings: loving, empathetic, but above all, responsible. " (Izabela Mandoiu)

The exhibition includes stories woven with values, signed by Izabela Măndoiu, from the concept collection, initiated since 2020: ROOTS – Rădăcini and not only. Hand-stitched, dresses and vests with traditional motifs, those creations with which the most talented fashionistas can create sensational Instagrammable styling!

The typical blouse is hand-sewn on merino wool and the sheep's wool vest with traditional appliqué
There is a traditional one and a quilt sewn with metal thread - both pieces are over 40 years old
Long blouse hand-sewn on silk.
Crepe pant skirt.
Naframa hand-sewn on over 60-year-old silk thread.

The type blouse is reinterpreted on merino wool hand-stitched with beads.
Long merino wool skirt with macrame inserts.
Silk velvet cape with hood.

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