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The "Made in Womania" fair brings discounts that keep the summer going

The "Made in Womania" fair brings discounts that keep the summer going

On Thursday, August 30, Business Women Forum Romania organizes the eighth edition of the Made in Womania fair: "Golden Summer Fair".

The last month of summer is well known as the period of discounts, in which the frenzy of low prices motivates shopping enthusiasts to spend more time shopping. The women entrepreneur community of BWFR is preparing a unique shopping experience, different from the mall routine, at the Golden Tulip Victoria Hotel (Calea Victoriei no. 166) on Thursday, 11:00 am. Location here .


The last days of summer are about relaxation, shopping and time spent outdoors, on the terrace of a centrally located hotel, Golden Tulip. Fair "Made in Womania" brings together over 30 designers from the fields of fashion, hand-made accessories and product design, who will exhibit products suitable to make a gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Fashion designers prepare discounts between 50% and 70% on summer collections, and special discounts on pre-fall collections.


Izabela Mandoiu is part of the BWFR community and participates in this sale fair, eager to interact with the public, and tell the story of her value-woven creations.

The Izabela Mandoiu stand will exhibit clothing creations with traditional influences, but also modern creations, at lower prices than those in the online shop.


Admission is free and visitors will have the opportunity to try summer cocktails.

Andrei Lung - O'live Gin Brand Ambassador, one of the best bartenders in Romania, is coming to the Made in Womania Designers Fair - Golden Summer Fair and will delight us with two crazy gin cocktail recipes. ­čśŹ

About Made in Womania

"Made in Womania" is an event that brings together shopping, networking and creative-recreational activities. The concept is created by BWFR and includes over 200 talented designers (of clothes, accessories, jewelry, bags, shoes, etc.), businesswomen from Romania who support and promote Romanian production.

"Made in Womania" has in its portfolio numerous fairs organized in special locations, which address themes and activities aimed at promoting community members and providing an interesting experience for participants and visitors.

"Golden Summer Fair" is the ideal initiative to keep summer in place, so we invite lovers of fashion, beauty and sunny days to the fair. We will shop, socialize and enjoy coffee and cocktails on the Golden Tulip-Victoriei terrace.

Hotel Golden Tulip Victoria

More details are available at:

About BWFR

BWFR is a non-profit organization with over 2,500 members, business women from Romania, dedicated to networking and ambitious women who invest in their personal and professional development.

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