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The wedding dress for the boho-chic bride

Wedding dress

From childhood, girls are introduced to a magical world where life is rosy. They are assigned the role of a princess, waiting for the long-dreamed-of prince, communion achieved through a wedding with pomp and a fairy-tale dress. The stories from the books, the drawings and the stories of the women in the family induce a special dream for the wedding day, and especially for the white dress , which will make them shine and last in their memories for a lifetime.

The authentic wins

There is no separate section in the Izabela Mandoiu store Bride dresses . We believe in the fact that every woman has her own vision of the perfect wedding dress, suitable for her and the context of her long-dreamed wedding. We don't have a specific goal to make dresses for brides, we create pieces of clothing woven with values , the responsibility of each woman who will wear them, being to write the story as she knows best and most beautifully.

We know that white means purity, sincerity and is associated with moments of bliss. We also know that the traditional elements with which we juggle creatively in the creation of unique pieces or in limited series, represent a national statement about cultural values ​​and the roots of the nation.

Habits and attitudes

The media offers various models of wedding dresses, and the demand of clients has outlined some dress stereotypes: the princess dress and the mermaid dress. There are also cases in which, countless options lead future brides to opt for simplicity, for one raw design and even traditional reasons , decreed by the way, reasons for the happiness of Romanians.

Above wedding customs, which differ according to the area, today's bride and groom believe in the meanings and details in which they find themselves. Some will choose to have the wedding in a country cottage, but will not opt ​​for stealing the bride, while others will choose a luxurious venue, but will be careful to knock down the water boiler on the way out of the church or be careful who steps on who on the leg, to hold, symbolically, the supremacy in the relationship.

Creations signed by Izabela Mandoiu

Izabela Mandoiu dresses, suitable for brides, are addressed to contemporary princesses, women who believe that traditional is pure style , which defines them on their wedding day. The bohemian style breaks out of patterns and is characterized by ethnic, vintage, traditional elements. The trend gives freedom to clothing combinations and can be found in maxi dresses, long skirts, stylized outfits with ii, flared pants or trouser skirts, natural textiles, hand made fabrics.

Traditional wedding dress

Ideal for civil status or the wedding evening, the Argesian short wedding dress is suitable for active brides who love to dance and want to be able to move freely on the dance floor. It can be customized in color, as can the length of the dress. The wedding dress in traditional style is made on request, the execution term being at least 30 days.

The white dress takes on a special meaning thanks to the popular symbols embroidered by computer or by hand. The embroidery can be any color the wearer wants . The dress lends itself to an engagement in a traditional style and even to the wedding night, as it can be styled differently, with a white shirt, a simple white shirt or a simple belt that highlights the waist.

Wedding dress with tulle

A simple tulle dress can get an authentic touch if it is accessorized with a belt or belt with traditional motifs. Depending on preferences, the dress can be worn with a ie.

  • Midi dress with traditional Romanian influences

The dress with fabric inserts gives an interesting, ceremonial touch. The dress can be adjusted in length, and the inset can vary in color or texture.

  • Sheer white dress for the modern bride

The wedding is the moment when the bride has to give life to the long-dreamed-of dress or find that WOW dress, with which she can identify and which will highlight her personality, femininity, style. The modern bride can opt for the white dress with gold or silver lame thread, with a bare back or cut on the leg.

  • Boho-chic bridal outfit

Non-conformist brides who love flowing materials and want to have a relaxed attitude on their wedding day, while maintaining a touch of chic, will find themselves in the outfits below, consisting of silk trousers, tank top and quatrain . The trouser skirt can also be paired with a hem woven or hand-stitched with beads and sequins for a precious touch.

  • Dresses for civil status or engagement

On the big day, women want to be pampered, to have different dresses at times of civil and religious ceremony. Some of the outfits chosen by clients for memorable moments:

  • The fairy tale of the bride's unpreparedness

The modern woman no longer accepts to take off her veil at the wedding and replace it with a headscarf or headscarf specific to housewives, opting for elegant hats. Our proposal for the traditional bride is Veil reinvented, with woven floral motifs.

Izabela Mandoiu has lovingly created these dresses, and you have integrated them into your love stories, giving them the special title of: wedding dresses. Thank you!

Traditional wedding it's not a trend, it's proof of a genuine feeling!

Article prepared by: Cristina Stan

with appreciation,

The Izabela Mandoiu Workshop team


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