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IA TRADITIONAL ROMANIAN – International cultural binder

2021 and we can speak relevantly about a CULT of the traditional Romanian IEI. Ia means traditions, value, ancient objects, the semiotics of our predecessors, transposed through manual stitches, in the most beautiful and precious clothing creation!

If the Egyptians are known for their cuneiform writing and bas-relief, we believe that the Romanian AI makes us know their skill and love for beauty through hand-sewn signs. Those signs that translate every time a multitude of models with meaning, that make up a story and give uniqueness to the blouse.

It is natural that when you document yourself or visit a country, you want to find out basic details about its culture, traditions, customs and here we include social aspects – how that people behave, what they eat and what is the traditional dress.

Romania has extremely many elements that highlight the traditional Romanian culture, and AI is the coat that managed to make anyone fall in love with Romanian talent and creativity. As proof, IA is worn with appreciation and pride not only by Romanian women, but by women of any other nationality.

It is in our culture to be welcoming, good hosts, in other words we are a warm people. We are the ones who feel differently and with more intensity the meaning of the word DOR and precisely for that reason, it is our responsibility to properly present and promote important elements of Romanian culture to all those who visit our country.

What do other nationalities think about traditional Romanian port?

Over time, in the Izabela Măndoiu Workshop, women from many parts of the world have crossed our threshold and we have created special bonds with each of them. I invited some of the special young women I met to a photo session, which they gladly accepted.

  • Aneyma Barros Do Nascimento, originally from São Tome e Príncipe, Central Africa, came to Romania to study. He managed to learn the Romanian language very well within a year. He says that Romania is beautiful, the people are friendly and he likes sarmales and soup.
  • Lara Rayego Osuna came to Romania precisely from 🇪🇸Spain and participates in a volunteer project that helps children with disabilities integrate into schools. He likes the fact that in Romania there are many green spaces and places decorated with flowers.
  • Manar Almusawi, originally from Iraq, has been living in Romania for about 10 years. What does he like most about Romania? The warmth of the people and the fact that he can continue to wear the turban.
  • Celia Arias González is a volunteer in a center that helps children with disabilities integrate into schools and kindergartens. He came to Romania in April of this year, precisely from Spain. She loves Romania especially for the traditional harbor that she saw in the northern part of the country and which reminds her of her country.
  • Briana Constanza Brandan is of Argentinian origin and came to Romania in March of this year as a volunteer in a project aimed at helping children with disabilities, together with Lara Rayego Osuna and Celia Arias González. Even if her first impression of Romania was not a very good one, over time she discovered locations in the country that impressed her. He loves sarmales, a dish similar to an Argentinian one.

Each of them proves to us that the Romanian ia is a binder of all cultures, a strong symbolic element, which transmits from the Romanian culture to other peoples.

Be proud of our Romanian roots and wear IA with pride!

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