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Every item has a story - the creation process and the execution process

Manual work

At first, it was manual work. Almost all objects were made by hand. The clothes were also made by skilled women and what miracles came out of these works, if we think about our national costume .
I firmly believe that each of us has a skill, which sometimes we don't even discover anymore given the fact that we are getting deeper and deeper into the digital age that we are currently going through. We urge you to find some time to spend working with your hands.

The clothes of yesterday and today

The need for clothing was treated by some of us only as a necessity, but over time clothes came to be categorized: some are "fashionable", others not; we prefer the timeless ones but used and purchased as needed. Sustainability has been a hotly debated topic in recent years and we believe we are on the right track when we act with responsibility and discernment towards the environment.

Thus, the desire of the fashion designer, Izabela M─ândoiu, is to bring to light the image of the simple woman, of unrestrained delicacy , who lives in the countryside. Woman from whom she draws inspiration for her clothing pieces. He is inspired by her elegance, her tenderness, but above all by the careful way she uses her resources even when it comes to clothes.

We choose the dress

One of the most beloved items in the world, the dress , takes center stage in Izabela's collections . In addition, there are jackets and asymmetric vests with frills, so appreciated by you, coats, skirts, blouses and, last but not least, the wonderful accessories with the help of which any outfit is embellished with lace from the beautiful national port: bow ties, belts, boccelets and the mischief.

Creation and execution

The creative process is not really easy to explain, it is born from the feelings nurtured by the creator and then they are reflected in a drawn sketch.
The practical part - the execution process, however, starts something like this:
1. The embroideries with Romanian symbols, various macrame strips , tassels and many other accessories, are placed in front of the eyes and then on the paper - thus establishing which will be on the dress model. Some models remain only at the drawing stage, only the most special ones go to the next step.

2. The execution of the pattern begins, done with exact precision by Izabela . Here we will return to sustainability: the well-made pattern leads to a good management of material stocks, and textile scraps are used to make some of the accessories written above.

3. Next is the road to the tailor's workshop, where the sewing machines are expertly handled by Cecilia.

4. The last step is ironing the items, so the final look is ideal .

This is how each model from Izabela M─ândoiu's collections comes out of production, step by step, to your delight - those who appreciate our work.

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