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Fashion design and computer embroidery

Fashion design

In the beginning, the person who made garments was called a tailor. In the 19th century, Charles F. Worth (1826 - 1895) is called the first creator of the concept of couturier, an Englishman who lived in Paris, being considered "Le Pere de Haute Couture". He created his own fashion house under the brand name "House of Worth", having a large number of seamstresses working for him, thus he managed to execute clothes different from the usual ones for everyone who stepped on his doorstep. We will develop this topic in a future article.

I mentioned a bit of the history of fashion design to emphasize that this activity involves a creative side in addition to the practical execution of a garment. It all starts with an idea, the shapes, lines, colors, textures are gently created - the process of creating a new model is born with pencil in hand.

Nature - source of inspiration

Before drawing, however, it should be said that nature was and is always a source of inspiration for the creator Izabela Mandoiu. Walking through green spaces, both urban and rural, and especially in the mountains, helps her store as many colorful images and ideas as possible. The women of the village were also inspired by nature, since ancient times they sewed the robes they were going to wear on holidays, on the wedding day or on other important days in the life of the village. The shirts, shirts, quilts and all the other elements that make up our folk wear are "painted" by their skillful hands with the help of the needle and multicolored threads, with different traditional symbols: the cross, the lines, the winding line, the knot, the spiral, the rhombus, the circle, the snail, the four-leaf clover, floral motifs, the ear of wheat, the stars, the grapes, the bells, etc.

The floral motifs in our embroideries

'' We want to beautify every wearer of the Izabela Mandoiu brand and carry forward the traditional Romanian symbolism. We lovingly create stories woven with values ​​and we want each outfit to give reasons for happiness '' - Izabela.

This being the main purpose of our workshop's activity, models are created in each collection that contain embroidery with traditional motifs, and the most frequently used are floral motifs. They are loaded with a special beauty, they are loved by you and will always be an option for the computerized embroideries made by us.

Computer embroidery

This innovation of the century in which we live - computer embroidery - replaces hand embroidery so that more designs can be made in less time than hand sewing. Each has its own purpose and beauty. The Izabela Mandoiu collections are divided into two categories: Demi-Couture - here each item is hand-sewn by the wonderful women from the village with whom we collaborate and "Ready to wear" - items made directly in the workshop piece by piece, of which a part of they have incorporated automated embroidery into the design.

Below we detail some advantages of this choice:

- provides a strong visual impact

- the machine accurately executes the chosen model

- several models can be produced in series, so we deliver the items ordered by you faster

- the embroidered pattern, moved in different angles of light, provides brilliance and performance

- it can be embroidered on a very large range of textiles as a support

Dresses and blouses embellished with embroidery

The collections present in the Izabela Mandoiu portfolio include many models of dresses with automated embroidery, as well as blouses . Let's see some of them:

"Very comfortable material. Superb embroidery. Vivid color - Anișoara Anuța"

Midi length dress , made of dense jersey, with a wide skirt. The bust is computer embroidered in shades of gold and ivory, with an embroidery inspired by traditional Romanian motifs. It closes with a hidden zipper on the back.


Cool white linen type dress with flared sleeves, embroidered with black computerized embroidery. At the bottom it features macrame inserts and frill. It can be tied at the waist with a cord.

A spectacular viscose dress with diaphanous ruffles and macrame appliqués. The bust is embroidered with a white rose. The waist is also highlighted by the macrame band.

Type Ie dress , midi length, made of merino wool with computer embroidered wide sleeves. Ruffle at the bottom and at the end of the sleeves. Fastens at the neck with cotton drawstrings with tassels.

Dears, thank you if you read this article to the end as well. We love to tailor, we love to deliver and we love to write these words in the hope that they will be of use to you.

Our call: Let's appreciate local businesses more, which are concerned with bringing more value to our lives, by constantly improving the equipment they work with in the workshop and maintaining a high standard of quality.

with appreciation,

Oana - Atelier Izabela Mandoiu


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