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Centenary – the national symbol rooted in tradition

Centenary – the national symbol rooted in tradition

It's a special year we are celebrating the centenary , which means that for 100 years, Romania stands under the sign of unity, of the whole. In 100 years, there have been major changes in technology, but one field insists on keeping authentic elements, as in the old days: Romanian fashion.

Izabela Mandoiu is one of the designers who continuously promotes elements of traditional fashion, integrating old clothing pieces into her collection, bringing her contribution to their refurbishment.

Pieces from old traditional costumes are a source of inspiration for the current production, which Izabela makes with the women from the villages, in the Argeș area, where she continues to sew them from scratch.

The Centenary Collection, which Izabela Mandoiu presented during the anniversary event of the Festival of Designers in Romania, includes creations from both lines of the designer, both modern pieces that compliment any silhouette, but also pieces of traditional inspiration.

In the attention of the collection is IA from Bunica , a specifically Argeşian take, like those who made Izabela known both in Romania and abroad.

Ia is a patriotic symbol, created and preserved by our ancestors with passion, inspiration and dedication, and represents an element of national branding, even if not officially, but which enjoys international recognition and appreciation.

Creations with traditional Romanian influences are proof that we will never forget our roots and will seek to preserve Romanian values, contributing to the national culture.

Izabela Mandoiu's outfits include complex fabrics, including: hand sewing, warp weaving, sewing beads and sequins in different signs, creating a message, a unique story of the garment.

The bearers of the stories woven with values ​​add an extra to the creations through attitude and spirit when they identify with the meanings of the stitched signs: hearts, flowers, crosses and many others, meant to remind us of the important values ​​in life, including love, faith, the beautiful, the natural.

The central outfit of the collection centenarian it is composed of an old house and a house, maybe even 100 years old. These creations are real clothing treasures that validate the vibrancy of things made in the village, with care and passion. We invite you to enjoy the collection of Stories Woven with Values!

Organized by Aristocrat Events, the event was presented by Daniela Sala and Mircea Eremia. The CentenarIA collection can be seen at the Izabela Mandoiu Showroom, Strada Vasile Conta 8-10.

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