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Authentic Ana Maria Brânza - visiting Izabela Mandoiu

Authentic Ana Maria Brânza - visiting Izabela Mandoiu

2018 was an exciting year that accumulated many beautiful events and memorable experiences! We were amazed by the great, ambitious people we met and that's why we want to applaud Ana Maria Brânza on the open stage, who had a commendable initiative with the AUTENTICA project.

Who is Ana Maria Brânza?

Ana is a warm person, always with a smile on her face, who lives for her passion: fencing. Fencing is a special sport, less promoted, but which reveals itself to us with a special charm, because it involves strategy, attention and physical skills, all in a graceful note.

In short, about Anna :

  • declared the best swordswoman in the world 3 times (2008, 2009, 2013)
  • 20 medals won at the European and World Championships
  • gold medal won at the Rio Olympics (2016)
  • silver medal won at the Beijing Olympics (2008)
  • double World Champion (2010 and 2011)
  • 7 times European champion (individual and team)
  • volunteer within the "Association for Therapeutic Intervention in Autism"
  • the initiator of the humanitarian project "Run on your birthday"

About the AUTENTICA Project

Autentica is a project through which we take care of our values, in which we gathered the creations of 100 talented Romanian designers. I started with the thought of a few that I love, then my passion for Romanian fashion of authentic inspiration discovered new and new names. Gradually, Autentica turned into a story, into a celebration of the authentic Romanian spirit, transposed so beautifully and original into what we could truly call art. – Ana Maria Brânza

Ana visited us at our showroom and wanted to know the story of the Izabela Mandoiu brand. She delighted us with her winning attitude, and the photos are proof that she liked us too.

Give PLAY to see how the visit went.

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