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Seven ways to wear navy this fall.

This fall, certain colors seem to enjoy more love and visibility than others (you've noticed the hot pink wave, right?), but one color never goes out of style.

True, its advantage is that it belongs to the category of neutrals, the ones to which we can match absolutely any other shade - from chartreuse green to diaphanous pink, from turquoise to rust - and still look great! The versatility of navy blue is also what makes it so present in wardrobes of all seasons, sometimes in the form of a white and navy striped swimsuit, other times as a warm and fluffy sweater. On the other hand, sometimes its neutral quality locks it in a much too classic stylistic area or in a wardrobe associated with professional activities.

The good news is that stylistic rules have become more and more permissive. There are almost no actual rules anymore! So a navy piece in your wardrobe actually means only one thing: you can mix and match it in a lot more ways than it seems at first glance.

In support of my stylistic exercise, I looked for such a piece in Izabela Mandoiu's collections and found it: the jacket made of fabric embroidered with bees , available in 3 colors (navy blue, light gray and black) and with two types of sleeves (long and sleeveless vest).

I chose the navy blue vest-type one (just so that all the elements of the created outfits are visible, but the one with long sleeves also lends itself to the same combinations) and I will integrate it into 7 outfits, with different styles and in harmonious color combinations, all all suitable for the autumn season. My invitation to you? Invest in a fabric jacket like this, I have no doubt it will become one of your fall and spring wardrobe favorites! Choose your favorite color here .

Recommendation #1: navy with warm beige (or chocolate brown)

Two neutral shades like navy blue and beige instantly add elegance to an outfit when worn together. Plus, since both are neutral, you can flirt with colorful footwear.

To try out this color palette, wear the navy jacket over a caramel beige sweater and coffee pants. Or you can replace the pants with a flowing midi skirt, which you wear with chocolate brown leather boots with a medium heel.

Recommendation #2: Navy with white and denim

It is one of the most classic and common color combinations; think of all the navy blazers paired with white shirts…

For a relaxed weekend look, pair the navy jacket with a white corduroy sweater and a mid-calf denim skirt . If you're tempted to wear it with a denim maxi skirt, don't; the length of the jacket does not match that of the skirt, and the whole outfit will have disharmonious proportions. Complete the outfit with navy suede sneakers and a crossbody bag (or oversized handbag).

If you want to give the outfit a romantic touch, replace the sweater with a white or cream blouse with a high ruffled collar and wide, puffy sleeves.

Recommendation #3: navy blue with emerald green

It is one of the most delightful and harmonious color combinations.

To have a semi-elegant daytime outfit for the office , you can use the bee jacket as a jacket over a simple blue top, and with a pleated or flared skirt, in a beautiful shade of emerald green. Also for the office , you can layer the navy blue jacket-vest version over one of Izabela's green shirt-dresses ( this one or this one ).

Recommendation #4: navy blue with nautical stripes

Fall outfits don't have to be complicated or exclusively in dark colors. Sometimes it's enough to open the closet and imagine some of your summer clothes crossed with other, slightly warmer pieces.

For this outfit, look in your wardrobe for a navy blue summer dress , over which you will wear a light sweater with navy blue and white (or cream) sailor stripes . The third layer of the outfit is the fabric jacket, which you can wear unbuttoned, without a drawstring.

The less creative alternative is to choose the same sweater, which you will match with ecru, white or cream jeans and beige ankle boots.

Recommendation #5: navy with pink

A modern, feminine combination and so easy to do! I imagine the navy blue jacket worn over a pink knit midi dress, the cut of which respects the body line without being tight, and with a cherry bag.

There are tens of thousands of shades of pink in the world and in wardrobes, from bonbon pink and salmon pink, to fuchsia pink, neon pink or raspberry pink, and navy blue goes equally well with all of them. Choose a shade of pink that suits you, and forget what pinks are trending!

Recommendation #6: navy with orange

Technically and artistically, orange is in opposition to blue (on the color wheel and in ROGVAIV), so an outfit in this color combination will have a strong visual impact.

The most comfortable option is to put together an all-blue or navy outfit (dark blue jeans and a blue t-shirt), to which you add an orange scarf, wrapped over the collar of the jacket with bees.

Another option is to wear an orange leather belt over the outfit and navy jacket.

Recommendation #7: navy blue with lavender purple

How about breaking up the seriousness of navy blue by adding a delicate shade? Navy blue is one of the colors we associate with masculinity, authority, power, and the contrast with an ultra-feminine and diaphanous shade makes the outfit stand out from the norm.

Look for a tulle midi skirt, the kind that's flowy for a dreamy princess or urban ballerina, in a shade of lavender purple. Add a dark purple velvet top or a sweater in pastel gradients. A pair of flat, high heels are the classic pairing; I recommend you to dare more with this stylistic register and wear some biker boots or a pair of metallic, gold or silver ankle boots.

To remember:

The good news is that stylistic rules have become more and more permissive. There are almost no actual rules anymore! So a navy piece in your wardrobe actually means only one thing: you can mix and match it in a lot more ways than it seems at first glance.

Article written by our dear:
Irina Markovits
Clothing Consultant
Personal Stylist
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Silvia Toader 
Quality jacket

The jacket is of good quality, well made, perfect for autumn days.

Anca Prodan A special, effective jacket!

The jacket is impeccably made - the joints, the pattern, the material. Quality is the constant attribute of the creations of this workshop (I have 3 other dresses).

Codruta Indrie

It is a special jacket, the material is of high quality, it has a good fit and an interesting cut. It takes you out of anonymity. Thank you.

Anca A cute outfit!

A gentle and elegant outfit thanks to the asymmetric model and the unique cut originating from the needle and Izabela's art 🤩

Marilena Bratan
Opinion of millions

Wonderful overcoat. It's a piece I can't wait to wear. It's dressy and easy to match.

Thank you for your trust in us!

with appreciation,

The Izabela Mandoiu team

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