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Warranty and Compliance

Guarantee of Izabela Mandoiu products

The products sold on, before being packaged, go through a technical quality control. This fact eliminates the possibility of defective products being delivered. The products are properly packed in special boxes. Each fiscal invoice will include the declaration of conformity and the guarantee certificate of the products.

Product conformity ÔÇô products are considered to be in conformity if:

  • they correspond to the description made by the seller and have the same qualities as the products that the seller presented on as models;
  • correspond to any specific purpose requested by the consumer, purpose made known to the seller and accepted by him when purchasing the product;
  • correspond to the purposes for which products of the same type are normally used;
  • being of the same type, it presents quality parameters and normal performances, which the consumer can reasonably expect, given the nature of the product and the public statements regarding its specific characteristics, made by the seller, the manufacturer, especially through advertising or registration on the product label.

It is not considered to be a lack of conformity if, at the time of the act of sale, the consumer knew or was not aware of this lack of conformity.

Instructions for maintenance / use / storage of textiles. Warranty certificate

Please keep the tax invoice and the confirmation received by email from the electronic payment service, in the case of payment by card or bank transfer, respectively the receipt received from the courier in the case of cash on delivery payment, in order to be able to prove the date of purchase of the product, in case of any quality complaints that can be addressed to the store. The guarantee certificate provides customers with all the rights granted to consumers by the legislation in force (Law no. 449/2003, OG no. 21/1992, etc.).

The warranty period offered by 13 BUSINESS PROJECTS SRL to its customers for textile garments is 30 days from the date of purchase of the product, for deficiencies not attributable to the consumer. The warranty covers the lack of conformity existing at the time of purchase of the product, normal wear and tear of the product not being covered. The guarantee offered does not affect the rights granted to the consumer by the legislation in force.

13 BUSINESS PROJECTS SRL offers ways to ensure the guarantee, depending on the deficiency, the repair of the product, its replacement or the restitution of the product's value, under the conditions of the legislation in force. The remedial measure can be established by joint negotiation.

In order to grant the guarantee, it is necessary to observe the following maintenance / use / storage instructions for textile garments:

Maintenance : Do not remove the fabric label with the maintenance instructions from the product throughout the life of the product. To avoid product degradation, to ensure a long period of product use and to maintain the aesthetic appearance as much as possible, strictly follow the product maintenance instructions regarding the following operations: washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and professional maintenance. If one of the maintenance operations is prohibited, its application may damage the product. Before applying any kind of cleaning or bleaching product, it is very important to carefully read and follow the instructions for use recommended by their manufacturers.

Use : As the products are made of textile materials, avoid contact with open flame, contact with sharp or cutting objects, proximity to a strong heat source.

Storage : Products made of colored materials are kept in places away from direct sunlight; also, the drying of textiles is not carried out over several days under the sun's rays.

"The consumer has the right to notify the merchant in writing that he is canceling the purchase, without penalties and without citing a reason, within 10 working days of purchasing the product."



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Commercial Trade Register: J15/829/2019
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we ensure, guarantee and declare under our own responsibility, according to the provisions of art. 3 of Decision no. 1022/2002, that the textile products sold, to which these declarations refer, do not endanger life, health, work safety, do not produce a negative impact on the environment and are in accordance with Internal Norms and European Norms.

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