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About Izabela Mandoiu

Izabela Mandoiu is a Romanian designer with a young spirit, who loves Romanian culture.


The designer Izabela creates both "ready to wear" clothing pieces with a timeless design, but also unique outfits in traditional style.

Izabela collaborates with artists who know the art of weaving and keep the values ​​of Romanian clothing alive by integrating traditional models into modern outfits. In the shop you can also find vintage, authentic, which have been carefully refurbished for a fresh look, but also blouses, models made on various textile materials.


Izabela Mandoiu's creations include two lines: modern design and traditionalist design, mainly handmade pieces, presented in the Demi-Couture category.

Izabela makes blouses of traditional inspiration, dresses and other creations, with applications from vintage materials and various old fabrics, which are repurposed, purchased from housewives in the Argeș area.

Another ambition of Izabela is to continue the tradition of ia with Argeș specific, a fact for which, together with the women from the village, from Argeș and beyond, she makes, on request, ia with the specifics of the area, with sequins, beads and woven motifs , ideal for events. They are made by hand, with models and accessories that correspond to the clients' requests. Lead time is approximately 4 weeks.


We know our roots, we love the modern and weave them into beautiful traditional outfits. Izabela Mandoiu is about you, our client.

Brand messages

'' We want to beautify every wearer of the Izabela Mandoiu brand and carry forward the traditional Romanian symbolism. We lovingly create stories woven with values ​​and we want each outfit to give reasons for happiness '' - Izabela.

We believe in the messages of Romanian proverbs that we capitalize on through the Campaign Romania with Values, Traditions, Beautiful!

Following the national research Reasons for Happiness, we decreed:

Traditional Romanian motives are reasons for happiness and positively influence the decision to purchase a piece of clothing of this kind over a simple creation.

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