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The shirt dress: ways to wear it for all styles.

What is the shirt dress?

From my stylist perspective, it is one of the most versatile and timeless pieces for a woman's wardrobe. Whether I'm looking at the classic collar, borrowed from the button-down model of the men's shirt, or the cut that sits well on all silhouettes, this type of dress remains simple, practical and elegant.

Its versatility is also related to the ease with which it can acquire simpler or more formal notes , depending on the accessory and the occasion. This means that, with small changes, the same dress can be worn to a picnic and to a meeting with the parents; and at the office, and at the theater... Because its design is relatively generic, you can find shirt-dresses in a multitude of lengths (midi, maxi, asymmetric) , colors (from neutral shades to pastels or bright colors) and prints, with or without pockets. In addition, depending on the desired style, you will find models of shirt dresses decorated with jabours or front pleats, ruffles, puffed sleeves, staples instead of buttons, with a semi-fitted line on the body or more voluminous.

What is the best season to wear a shirt dress?

Please consider it a trans-seasonal piece . I recommend keeping it in your main wardrobe because with a few wear maneuvers and small adjustments, you can wear it from January to December.

In the spring, a long-sleeve shirt dress with a feminine print and cut in cotton or viscose can help you transition from bulky winter clothes to more casual outfits.

During the summer, a linen shirt dress (also in light shades: white, blue, pastel pink) remains as comfortable and feminine whether you wear it open over shorts or a bathing suit, or choose it as an outfit of office. Pair it with espadrilles and statement earrings for an al fresco dinner, and it'll look just as good at the beach with a wide-brimmed hat, flip-flops and a braided basket.

Throughout the fall, a shirt dress in a dark shade (magenta pink, grape purple, dark green) cut from a fuller fabric is a good company for leather trainers, ankle boots or high suede boots. You can wear it over tights or tights of different thicknesses, you can put a cardigan or a quilted vest on top, so that the outfit is warm, comfortable, and flirty.

You might think that winter is the season when shirt dresses go into hibernation, but surprise… no! With the right way of wearing, you can wear them even when it's cold. You can wear any shirt dress over thin leggings or a long-sleeved t-shirt, and underneath you'll wear flared tights or thick tights (over 150 DEN), made of microfiber or merino wool.

How many ways can a shirt dress be worn?

Wear 1: shirt dress, worn OVER other clothing

The options are endless, but for a classic and easy-to-achieve look, start by wearing a simple, fitted T-shirt . It can be white, black, gray (if you prefer a minimalist look), but you can also choose a colored T-shirt, with graphics or designs on the chest. For cold days, replace the T-shirt with a bodysuit, a long-sleeved T-shirt or a finely knitted briefcase. You will leave the dress unbuttoned at several buttons, so that the piece underneath is visible. Depending on the color of the top chosen for layer 1 of the outfit, accessorize the dress with a leather belt in a shade close to that of the T-shirt.

Wear 2: shirt dress, worn UNDER other clothing

The most convenient way to wear it is under a light, thicker or very thick knitted cardigan (depending on how cold you are or the season). The cardigan not only helps keep your outfit warm, but adds texture and dimension. If you want a day or weekend outfit, opt for a braided jacket , with curls or reliefs due to the thick thread. The less textured and bulky your cardigan is, the more the outfit stays in a semi-dressy stylistic register. For a more stylish version, wear a velvet or fabric jacket over the dress and fasten a leather belt around its waist. The same dress thus becomes an elegant office outfit. The key to this type of wear is the play of fabrics, colors and textures.

When you want to change things up, replace the cardigan with a sweater, turtleneck or hoodie, and pull the collar of the dress over the sweater/vest/hoodie. The final look will give the impression that it is more complex than it really is.

Way of wearing 3. Shirt dress, in day style (for leisure, weekends or holidays)

The shirt dress can adapt to any occasion and style preferences, not just office hours and classic-elegant style. One of the easiest ways to transform it into a day outfit suitable for leisure moments is to wear it with comfortable or sports shoes without a heel: thin flat or platform sandals, sneakers, sneakers, short cowboy boots , even biker boots. Add accessories that you would normally wear with jeans: a backpack or cross-body bag, large sunglasses, a baseball cap, a large multi-colored scarf, exotic earrings... If if we're talking about a summer outfit, throw on some denim shorts and leave the dress open from the waist to the hem (this type of wear goes with both midi and maxi shirt dresses). In the cold season, exchange shorts for slim jeans, cigarette pants, tights or even baggy pants (this type of wear only goes with long shirt dresses).

Mode of wear 4. Shirt dress, elegant style (for evening or special occasions, personal or professional)

The key is still in accessorizing : the more the jewelry, shoes and bag are from the "occasional" stylistic register, the more the dress can be worn at cocktails, opening or networking evenings, award ceremonies, garden parties, formal dinners. A pair of large and spectacular earrings, an envelope bag embellished with crystals or feathers, some satin sandals or a pair of lace or perforated shoes with a fine heel are the most obvious examples of accessorizing a simple solid color shirt dresses.

To remember:

However, no matter how simple and long the dress, and how spectacular the accessories, the shirt dress does not suit an event whose dress code is specified as "black tie", "festive" or "white tie".

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