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Mother-Daughter Pictorial

We have found you well, our dears. We hope you are well.
We thought we'd put down a few words to describe how this new project happened.

In a wonderful afternoon in October, we decided to make a pictorial, in which to capture the beauty of the streets of the popular Romanian port .

By a happy coincidence, I chose that Ingrid together with her mother, Ruxandra , be part of this story. It was an easy decision seeing the perfect relationship between them, inspiring us with their attitude towards each other and we strongly believe that it shows in the images that follow.


Thus, we began the preparations: selection for outfits, completing and making new pieces in our workshop , Alexandra chose a special location - located in the heart of the capital - a superb apartment decorated with rustic elements , where the generous glazed surfaces allowed the sun's rays to penetrate so spectacular.

We love traditional port

Izabela Mandoiu wants to stay close to the popular Romanian port , to rediscover it at every opportunity, but above all to create opportunities to bring to light moments charged with emotion through photographs or physical exhibitions.

"We want to beautify every wearer of the Izabela Mandoiu brand and carry forward the traditional Romanian symbolism. We love to create stories woven with values ​​and we want every outfit to give reasons for happiness" - Izabela

Truly these pieces of clothing beautify whoever chooses to wear them, together we carry forward this symbolism and ancient values ​​growing beautifully in harmony . Traditional ports are given as a gift from mother to daughter, from one generation to another , thus showing their timelessness, which charges each one of us spiritually.

We stand mute in the face of love

Through these images we can enjoy the strong bond between a mother and her child . During the session I saw how beautifully Ingrid and Ruxandra talk, how they arrange each other 's clothes , how they manage to naturally convey the love that binds them unconditionally, the mother's tenderness towards her daughter, Ingrid 's chosen gestures taken by to her mother and delicately appropriated. Although we have tried to describe at least a little, it is still a connection difficult to explain in words before which we stand dumbfounded and contemplate.


Beautiful moments, full of joy, friendship and parental love were captured by the talented Alexandra Jitariuc.

Precious moments

We really want these images to inspire you too, to be infected with love and peace , to spend time as often as possible with the loved ones who surround you and to wear the traditional Romanian attire with love and joy in your soul.

For us, these were and will always be precious moments in which we immortalize our love for Romanian culture. You will find the entire pictorial here: Open here.

Izabela Mandoiu Project realized together with Ingrid Ardeleanu and Ruxandra Ardeleanu❤

Photo: Alexandra Jitariuc❤

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