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The connection between heaven and earth

Exhibition, signed by Izabela Mandoiu, in Bucharest Mall-Vitan

December 1 - National Day

The month of December is the month of joy, the month of gifts and we are all thinking about the long-awaited moment: Christmas - the Birth of Jesus Christ.

In this state, on December 1, we Romanians celebrate our National Day. Day that marks a historical event: the union of Transylvania with Romania. Between the years 1866-1947, Romania's national day was on May 10, then between 1948-1989 on August 23, and from 1990 December 1 was adopted as a national day and public holiday in Romania. The Great Assembly in Alba-Iulia votes for the union of Transylvania with Romania on December 1, 1918, the main event in the history of our country.

We wear traditional dresses for December 1st

How else could we spend this important day for us, if not wearing traditional Romanian costumes, the treasure of our country passed down from generation to generation . In the past, these handmade robes with motifs representing different symbols were mainly worn on any holiday and many other occasions. Even if in our times it is no longer like that, we are extremely happy because there are still many of us who wear them with love , that there are still skilled hands who choose to sew with love ii, petticoats, skirts, skirts, vests and more others.

Outfits signed by Izabela Mandoiu, the tree of life made by the Woodify team

The tree of life

In almost all civilizations of the world, the tree of life is seen as: the tree of knowledge, the axis of the world, the genealogical tree, the revelatory tree, the connection between heaven and earth , the embodiment of the family concept.

We, like Romanians who love our country and our ancestral faith we feel this symbol when thinking about the primordial core of our society: THE FAMILY and at the same time the axis that connects the sky to the earth, as a pillar on which to rest our whole life.

It is one of the richest universal symbols, which harmonizes the material with the spiritual, it is a sign of life in continuous ascent, representing verticality, and through its fruits it is also a symbol of fertility. The elements of the tree show the communication between the underground through the roots - the earth through the trunk - and the sky through the crown attracted by the light.

" The tree of life is one of the ancient myths of mankind, embodying in poetic form the unattainable dream of youth without old age and life without death " (quote taken from the book: The Stitched Story of Yea)

About the exhibition "The link between heaven and earth"

The news of creating a new exhibition in the dedicated space in Bucharest Mall-Vitan, honors us and was done with a lot of love and joy . We chose to bring to light both outfits with traditional ports and computer embroidered pieces with the image representing the tree of life. We harmoniously combined skirts of different shapes and colors with hand-stitched blouses, vests and blouses. Central to the exhibition is the tree of life, crafted from wood by the Woodify team, and a selection of photographs from the Roots pictorial, placed in a deliberate order so that we can coherently convey the message of the printed texts. We constantly remind ourselves how vital it is for us to always return to our roots as a people and to the values ÔÇőÔÇőthat define us in essence, among which we name: faith and love of country.

The exhibition is present on the 1st floor, in the central area, and will be there until December 4, inclusive.

"Collaboration with Bucharest Mall-Vitan is a challenge for us, a creative challenge. We use the motif of the tree of life in the hand-made stitches on ii and especially for this exhibition we reinterpreted this concept, to highlight the return to our roots and at the same time to the elements that unite us as a nation and a people.

Every man is simple in essence and alone cannot build anything of value. Through unity, however, we truly build. This is also what the Great Union meant: unity for the same faith and the same moral values. Let's stay like this: united and together victorious " (Izabela M─ândoiu)

Wool fabric skirt and jacket with computerized embroidery and silk blouse with macrame appliqu├ęs

Pleated tulle skirt with lace insert and vest with traditional woven fabric and natural fur

Hand-stitched long dress in hemlock and short waistcoat in woven fabric with traditional motifs

Together, we continue to bring to life wonderful Stories woven with Values!

Good thoughts,

The Izabela Mandoiu team

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