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Jersey, a favorite and successfully used fabric in our workshop

"Good evening. I received the dress! The size fits me well, I like how it fits me, and the material is pleasant and fits well on the body. Thank you very much for the letter and the invoice. All the best. Alina"

Fabrics and textures

In our production we use a multitude of fabrics, it goes without saying, but we want to highlight the fact that we are constantly concerned with searching and carefully analyzing these textiles from which we are going to make wonderful items for you. This process is part of caring for you - the things you are going to wear, as well as the desire to choose superior quality that offers the possibility of wear over many years.

Whitelist - good quality

We tend, maybe some of us, to buy clothes that we only wear a few times, after which we forget them in the wardrobe behind the drawers. We believe that one of the reasons why this happens is also due to the fact that those objects were not made of materials that would retain their original appearance after wearing and washing. So we always select textiles for our workshop to be on the white list, we call it, which contains everything that is of good quality . We urge you to always choose your clothes according to several criteria, these would be some of them:

- be an item that you can easily add to another already present in your wardrobe

- to be executed from a quality material in terms of structure and appearance. (You will always find this information in the product descriptions on our website)

- have a pleasant and favorite color that you can match successfully with what you already have at home.

We love jersey

One of our favorite materials, especially now in the winter season, is JERSEY. It is composed of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Cotton, as we well know, is very gentle on our skin , it is made up of natural fibers and helps the skin to breathe normally through it. As for the presence of elastane, we can tell you that it helps to achieve an elasticity effect and thus the worn article molds nicely to the shape of the body.

The benefits are multiple, of which we can mention:

- it is a soft and warm fabric

- it is also elastic, as I said above

- it is not a transparent material

- can be successfully used without padding

- it is a material that is pleasant to the touch, with a slightly velvety texture

- has quite a wide variety of colors: black, red, navy blue, beige, white, ivory and others

- computerized embroidery can be performed on it

Dresses, blouses and skirts

The collections present in the Izabela Mandoiu portfolio include many models of dresses made with this fabric, as well as blouses and skirts . Let's see some of them:

Dense jersey dress in a combination ofpastel pink and fuchsia . A design that highlights the shapes of the body with clips in the waist area. The metal zipper on the front creates the impression of an asymmetric slit. Hidden zipper on the back.

We've teamed our favorite side pleated skirt with off the shoulder blouse to create your favorite dress. Made of dense jersey in light pink, it's the perfect dress for both a day at the office and an evening party. Side zipper. The skirt is fixed at the waist, it cannot be adjusted.

Midi length dress , made of dense jersey, with a wide skirt. The bust is computer embroidered in shades of gold and ivory, with an embroidery inspired by traditional Romanian motifs. It closes with a hidden zipper on the back.

"Good evening. I received the dress! The size fits me well, I like how it fits me, and the material is pleasant and fits well on the body. Thank you very much for the letter and the invoice. All the best. Alina"

Dears, thank you if you read this article to the end. We love to tailor, we love to deliver and we love to write these words in the hope that they will be of use to you.

Our advice: Always choose your clothes calmly, think a little about the criteria noted above and only then make their purchase.

We strongly believe that in this way, we can together support the campaigns of all associations and people who constantly warn us about respecting the environment.

with appreciation,

Oana - Atelier Izabela Mandoiu


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