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Natural silk fur and skirt: 5 reasons to have them in your wardrobe.

Furs and petticoats are, in their simplest forms, those underwear items that serve a clear purpose: they eliminate friction between the coat and the body by introducing a layer of silk, satin or microfiber under a dress, skirt or blouse.

Paradoxically, they are the kind of pieces and practical, and apparently superfluous. On the one hand, enough clothes that we buy in stores are made of dense or opaque materials; on the other hand, few women see the utility of this intermediate layer anymore and perceive negligees as out of date.

And yet, why is it worth having a fur coat and a skirt in your wardrobe? We have collected 5 reasons that will convince you to bring at least one of these items to your underwear drawer.

Long black fur in natural silk and adjustable straps.

  1. Change the transparency of an outfit.

This is reason no. 1, the classic and timeless. The one that, at first glance, is related to the teachings received from the grandmother and which actually reminds you of femininity through the prism of modesty and elegance seen as decency. Moreover, in a world where celebrities appear on the red carpet or on stage in 100% transparent dresses, and fast-fashion brands rely on the cheap appearance (literally and figuratively) of their own productions, these pieces of underwear are a kind of "endangered species".

Skirts and furs are made to be worn even under semi-transparent tops, dresses or skirts , whose level of opacity changes depending on the brightness of the space in which you are. One way it may look like a blouse in the fitting room (with artificial light of medium intensity, directed from the ceiling), and it will be quite another the same blouse on the street in full sun. For a really decent and elegant outfit, I recommend you first look for a skirt or furou with a length as close as possible to that of the skirt or dress worn (the greater the difference between the hems of the two, the more visually unpleasant the look ), and then to opt for 100% natural silk , to the detriment of polyester or artificial silk.

Ivory long fur in natural silk and adjustable straps.

  1. Help the outfit fit nicely and keep its look.

It's one of the most annoying things you can go through whether you're wearing a flowy, baggy, airy skirt, or when you're wearing a knit dress, or whenever you're wearing fine tights. The material of the airy skirt clings to your legs with every step, the knitted dress tightens , rises and finally becomes horribly pilled, the blouse becomes wrinkled in minutes, and you spend your time tugging at them, adjusting them, smoothing them -le, wondering why you didn't choose a different outfit...

A silk skirt , whose hem stays at the knee, is the most practical solution. It becomes that fine, smooth layer between coat and skin (or tights, in the cold season) that allows the top layer of clothing to keep its shape and place. Natural silk can sometimes become electrified, especially when in contact with wool and polyester. To quickly eliminate static electricity, use a safety pin, which you pass over the entire surface of the garment; the metal neutralizes the ions "trapped" in the fabric.

Short black natural silk and lace skirt.

  1. You smooth the figure and hide the visible lines of the underwear.

Contrary to what people say, you don't necessarily need shapewear to smooth out your figure. A long furou made of natural silk , cut on the bias, will have the same smoothing effect (careful, not flattening or thinning!), it will be much more comfortable and pleasant for the skin. Why? Bias cut clothes are cut on the diagonal of the fabric , which gives them a unique advantage: they follow the contours of female forms without constricting them, and since silk is a 100% natural fiber, the shape of the clothes follows that of the body without deforming it.

The beauty and utility of a furou or a skirt become obvious especially when interposed over a layer of lace underwear or with elements that stand out unsightly under the clothes (seams, staples, reinforcements, thin elastics). Similarly, they will camouflage and smooth the lack of elegance of a bra with too small cups or briefs whose elastic is tight.

Short ivory skirt in natural silk and lace.

  1. You extend the life of the clothes in your wardrobe.

Underwear and all clothing items that we wear directly on the skin require washing after each use: it's an indisputable fact, which is also related to body hygiene and good growth. But this does not mean that absolutely all clothes in the wardrobe must be cleaned in the same way, every time after wearing them! With or without sustainability, some pieces can be washed after 2 or even 3 wears. Of course, it depends on the season in which you wear that piece, the duration and circumstances of that wear...

Used as an intermediate layer, fur or jupa absorb sweat , sebum, even part of the perfume, antiperspirant and body cream used. Therefore, the fitted garment can be hand washed, cleaned on a gentler and shorter washing machine cycle or, if necessary, worn a second time after being aired. Over time, the fabric of those clothes suffers less friction and is less worn. In English there is even an expression, "wear & tear", which describes the process through which a fabric goes through as many times as we wear it: the continuous friction between the coat and the skin gives rise to abrasion, the cause of the pilling of many textiles.

  1. You prevent moments of stylistic embarrassment (and leave a sliver of lace visible).

Quality underwear is made to be (almost) invisible. That's why we only find it in neutral colors (beige, black, white), in luxurious fabrics, with minimal seams, possibly embellished with a border of fine and delicate lace. I recommend both the furrow and the skirt, especially for dresses and skirts (which tend to fall apart at the first gust of wind), but also for cloche or loose cuts, made of airy, light or soft fabrics. Few of us think that we can be put in Marylin Monroe's position in her white dress, but let's imagine stepping over a subway grate or crossing a street on a rainy and windy day; what do you grab first: the umbrella or the hem? :)

Finally, choosing a petticoat or skirt with a little lace trim allows you to discreetly introduce the underwear-as-outerwear trend into your daily outfits. You can wear fur under a cardigan left more open than usual (you create a deep V-neck), under a blouse or sweater with bolder necklines , under a skirt whose hem blends with the lace border ...

To remember:

Furs and petticoats are, in their simplest forms, those underwear items that serve a clear purpose: they eliminate friction between the coat and the body by introducing a layer of silk, satin or microfiber under a dress, skirt or blouse.

Article written by our dear:
Irina Markovits
Clothing Consultant
Personal Stylist

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