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Exhibition, signed by Izabela Mandoiu, Universal Day of Ia - June 24

June 24 - Universal Day of Ia.

On June 24, 2013, the community "La Blouse Roumaine" is the one that initiates the first event celebrating AI, uniting Romanians from 6 continents. In 2015, the Universal Day of Ia is officially recognized, for the first time, through the proclamation issued by Mrs. Muriel Bowser, the mayor of the American capital Washington DC at the initiative of Bogdan Banu, the founder of the Romanians of DC organization, with the support of the Romanian community and the Romanian Embassy in United States of America.

Thus, all of us who love the popular Romanian port, happily join this initiative year after year and we always strive to bring you special pieces, carefully chosen and crafted by us.

Stories woven with values.

For us it is a challenge every year, every exhibition, every event we take part in. But that's because we always feel responsible for the way we present ourselves in front of you, thanks to the respect we have for you, those who follow us, and at the same time for the popular Romanian port.

The Izabela Mandoiu brand honors Romanian folk clothing , Romanian culture and all the beauty of our country.
Thus, at Bucharest Mall Vitan this exhibition is hosted in honor of June 24.

Outfits signed by Izabela Mandoiu

Femininity and delicacy.

Man and woman are two different threads and this is a wonderful aspect because they thus become complementary. It is in a woman's nature to be delicate, affectionate, loving, which brings harmony and well-being around her. The woman's attire complements all these qualities acquired by nature by her, and thus the clothes she wears are also beautiful.

Every woman who wears a bag signed by Izabela Mandoiu becomes part of a timeless story, written with values. It is an embrace of tradition and cultural roots , but also a statement of style and personality. In an ever-changing world, these unique pieces of clothing remind us of the importance of preserving and promoting our authentic values.

Organza dress embroidered with floral motifs

Old silk scarf

Silk velvet bag with hand-stitched beads
Decoration: ears of wheat

Silk organza dress with computerized embroidered sleeves

Cotton velvet skirt with hand-stitched beads

Silk veil midi dress with computerized embroidered sleeves

Naframa made of organza with hand-stitched beads

Old photo with hand-stitched metallic sequins

It is woven on home-made melted canvas with hand-applied beads and sequins

Long denim skirt

Computerized embroidered denim jacket

It is woven on homemade canvas with hand-applied beads and sequins
Cotton skirt with buttons on the front
Velvet bag with hand-stitched beads

Together, we continue to bring to life wonderful Stories woven with Values!

Good thoughts,

The Izabela Mandoiu team

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