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Exhibition, signed Izabela Mandoiu, on the occasion of January 24, 1859

January 24, 1859 - Little Union

Great and wonderful day we celebrate today - January 24, 1859 - the Little Union, made by ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza (1820-1873).
The first ruler of the United Principalities and of the national state of Romania. By his election as lord of Moldavia, on January 5, 1859, and of Wallachia, on January 24, 1859, the Union of the two principalities was accomplished.

It is a day of great significance for us, for all Romanians. Our union as a people, as people with noble thoughts, is one of the most precious moral values ​​left as a new heritage, the descendants of our ancestors who fought for the country, for freedom, for faith out of love for it, for Romania.

It would be good, let's research the history of our country even more, both today January 24 and on other days, to discover the great names that were the basis of our formation as a people, who fought for the defense of the country, died in battle , defended the Christian faith and all the wealth of historical moments that define us, as Romanians.

We wear traditional dresses on January 24

As in previous exhibitions or presentations, we are honoring this day with an exhibition where you will be able to see outfits inspired by traditional straits.

The Izabela Mandoiu brand honors Romanian folk clothing, Romanian culture and all the beauty of our country.
Thus, together with: Bucharest Mall Vitan and Alexe Alina - Owner DECORAKTIVA, this exhibition was held in honor of January 24th.

Outfits signed by Izabela Mandoiu

Cotton flowers

Cotton is a textile fiber that we use successfully in our workshop, making beautiful garments, precisely because it is a soft and fine fabric and it is also durable and high quality. It has been used for decades in the construction of Romanian clothes, it preserves the manual stitches transposed by women on the cloth and is passed down from generation to generation.

"Before 1990, there were 86 cotton spinners and weavers in Romania, and in 2015, only eight of them remained" (Source: Wikipedia)

About the exhibition - January 24

We are happy to have created a new exhibition in the dedicated space in Bucharest Mall-Vitan, which honors us . He worked with a lot of effort and dedication. We have integrated five outfits made of natural materials: straw and cotton flowers, from items inspired by popular wear, namely: type blouses sewn by hand or in loom with cotton threads, or metallic threads, sequins. There is also no shortage of accessories: vests, belts, and belts, one more beautiful than the other, handmade or woven during war. All these elements make up this wonderful exhibition made by us - because we love Romanian culture and continue our mission to carry forward traditional symbolism. 

We constantly remind ourselves how vital it is for us to always return to our roots as a people and to the values ​​that define us in essence, among which we name: faith and love of country.

The exhibition is present on the 1st floor, in the central area - Bucharest Mall Vitan.

War-woven cotton midi dress with traditional motifs - vintage fabric and macrame appliqués

Old quatrain woven in war

Light beige natural leather belt

Ie cotton blouse hand-stitched in hemlock

Vest in wool fabric with old war woven inserts with traditional motifs and natural fur

Hand stitched long dress with traditional motifs

Straight mikado pants

Cotton blouse with inset sleeves from vintage fabric made during the war

Old bata woven in war

Ie cotton blouse with computer-embroidered traditional-inspired embroidery

Short woven vest with traditional inspired inserts

Together, we continue to bring to life wonderful Stories woven with Values!

Good thoughts,

The Izabela Mandoiu team

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