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What shades can I use when wearing a colored piece?

In today's article I decided to unravel a theme that raises many questions for the clients I work with.

How do I accessorize and match a colorful dress ?

What colors look good together and what shades should not be combined?

Do I match the shade of the shoes to the outfit, or that of the bag to the shoes?

Matching several colors in an outfit - for this is the subject - is not a science that requires multiple doctorates, but it is not the simplest matter either. Things are not as easy as when, for example, you just want to put a pearl clip in your hair, or when the outfit is black and you can accessorize it in your favorite color.

When it comes to chromatic combinations, it's good to take into account the dominant color of the outfit (the central piece, most of the time) and to realize in which type of chromatic harmonies you feel best : a neutral shade and a strong one? two pastels, delicate and bright, put together? refined colors that make you think of precious stones? more vivid colors that attract attention and emphasize your presence?

Another way to work with color is to ask yourself if you prefer the accessories to be the ones that attract attention through color (shoes, a necklace, a belt, the bag) or you want the clothing to magnetize the eyes. There is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on each woman's taste, style and personality.

Regardless of your answers, below I leave you 2 clarifying stylistic principles in the construction of outfits, followed by chromatic associations that I recommend for 5 dresses signed by Izabela Mandoiu .

Match colors, but not rigidly or overzealously!

Wearing multiple items (of the outfit) in identical shades works... up to a point. It looks great, for example, to match a silver envelope to a dress whose satin surface has a subtle silver sheen. Similarly, an emerald green stone ring matches the elegance of a dress in another shade of green (dark, such as forest green, or pastel, such as mint green).

But a pink bag, matched with pink shoes, which are worn with a pink dress - it's already exaggerated! Chromatic harmony is about visual balance. The moment an element becomes excessive, ostentatious, overstressed, the good taste of the outfit is canceled.

Instead of keeping all the details of the outfit in the same shade, play it safe by pairing different shades from the same color family. When the dress is pink, choose shoes in a cherry tone. The option that suggests a modern, creative and yet stylistically skilled style is to combine different colors that enhance each other. The pink dress above becomes spectacular, distinguished and touched by the wearer's personality when worn with turquoise shoes.

Define your style first

One of the best ways to have an outfit that suits you in every way is to know your style . I like to call it "stylistic identity". In this way, the woman you are is supported by the clothes you wear ( by the right colors, by a good cut, by a model in which your body feels at ease ), instead of being overshadowed or made uncomfortable.

Sometimes, you can feel that your style changes: depending on your mood, the season, the occasion... At the office, you may prefer to have a more conservative, professional and reserved look, while at social events (of evening or day), you find yourself in feminine, elegant, classic pieces. Or who knows, maybe on weekends you dress casual and sporty , and during the week modern, bohemian.

It's not your style or personality that changes (they stay the same), just their stylistic expression. What you need to discover in all these outfits is their common points: how colorful do you want the clothes to be? do you prefer to always wear dresses and skirts, or rather pants, jeans, overalls? is elegance more important to you or do you emphasize comfort? In other words, what never changes?

What colors (of shoes, bag, belt, jewelry) can I match with Izabela Mandoiu dresses ?

It is an ultra-feminine and bright dress, whose vintage air is due to the lace and delicate color.

This sunny yellow needs diaphanous shades that bring to mind macarons and fruit sorbets (powdery rose pink, peach pink, lavender purple, milky mint green, very light orange) and natural colors, slightly faded by the sun (olive green open, similar to olive leaves). Never use black or bright colors with this dress.

It's a wonderful energizing, tonic, bright shade! Dressed in it, you will feel awakened to life, and its incandescence is worth combining with other equally intense colors.

Along with chartreuse green or fuchsia pink, the combination is cheerful and refreshing; coral red makes a good team with turquoise and iris violet, and all three together acquire an exotic allure; finally, matched with gold, mustard yellow or solar yellow, the shade of the dress is sweetened, it acquires warmth and a discreet touch of sumptuousness.

It is the kind of color that is dramatic and elegant at the same time. Because it is inspired by the foliage of conifers, I recommend you to take colors from nature, slightly contrasting with that of the dress: from dark red or cherry (such as berries), to dark fuchsia pink, terracotta orange, lilac or lime green .

You can also match this deep shade with other pale or bright green tones (mint green, sage green, emerald green, vegetable green), to give the outfit brightness, freshness and an extra touch of sophistication.

What a vibrant and sophisticated shade of pink! If your reflex is to pair it (predictably) with nude beige, pale pink or black, find out that this pink retains its elegance when combined with saturated, embossed, accentuated tones.

To stay in your comfort zone, match the orchid pink dress with cherry or dark purple accessories. An extra bit of stylistic courage would be to pair it with turquoise or emerald green, while the outfit takes on a contemporary look when pink is used in combination with bright red and incandescent orange.

The dark and regal shade of this purple dress calls for chromatic accents that are just as precious and sophisticated.

To make it stand out, you'll pair it with either a subtle shade of lavender purple, a rich dark gold or bronze tone, or a bold and surprising color (tangerine orange, cobalt blue, dark turquoise).

To remember:

One of the best ways to have an outfit that suits you in every way is to know your style. I like to call it "stylistic identity". In this way, the woman you are is supported by the clothes you wear (through the right colors, through a good cut, through a pattern in which your body feels at ease), instead of being overshadowed or made uncomfortable.

Article written by our dear:
Irina Markovits
Clothing Consultant
Personal Stylist

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